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You Can Make Time!

The critical thing to anything is planning. If you want to get results in any form, you must follow that plan.

The other part of that plan is support. Especially if you have a family, you and your spouse need to have a plan and adjust your training around the normality of life. You're a husband/wife, father/mother, and run a business/work.

What Jen and I have done is find a balance for me to train. That means I get it done early morning. Let me tell you, it is hard to get up and get going, but she is kind in reminding me that I need to and what and why I am training. To be honest, if it weren't for her endless love and support, I wouldn't be nearly as consistent, and I would suffer through trying to hang onto being an everyday athlete.

So when you are setting out to change yourself physically or setting out to cross a finish line in some event, make a plan, support your family and friends, and they will support you. Ask them to hold you accountable for getting the work done that you or your coach has planned for you. Communicate with your spouse and your coach how you are doing as you push yourself, and enjoy the effing journey!

Grow Stronger

Coach Joshua

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