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Plan For Chaos

You'll workout at home but then the in-laws pop in for an unexpected visit.

You'll workout but then...Almost every day will have a "but then" moment. Be flexible. Not every workout is going to be a rockstar workout - and that's okay. That's not the purpose. The purpose is to continually show up for yourself and do the best you can at that moment.

If you have to cut it short - that's okay. If you have to move it to tomorrow - that's okay.

If you have to include the kids during - that's okay.

Look for ways to make it work instead of just giving in to unpredictability. Make adjustments and modifications. Just find a way to show up anyhow.

Because if we are always waiting for the perfect opportunity, we're never going to do it.

Knowing what your life is like - how can you be flexible with your workouts? Share your ideas below.

Grow Stronger,

Coach Joshua

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