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My name is Joshua Hughes. I am the founder of Signature Kettlebell (SKB)

I want to start by saying thank you for visiting my site. I have a pretty big love for kettlebells as they have helped me in so many ways on my journey to finding my strong,

I would love to show you how they can help you too! It can be online or in-person here in Covington, Washington.  So, let's connect and have a conversation about how Kettlebells and I can help find your Strong! 


Personal Training



SKB offers personal training based on believing that you were created to be healthy, strong, and pain-free for a lifetime. Each training session is intended to help you achieve your fitness goals, but SKB’s primary focus is to help you maximize your physical potential so you can enjoy your life to the fullest every day. We are assisting people in finding THEIR Strong. 




Personal training provides a level of accountability and motivation needed to get the lasting results you are looking for. A smile, a high-five, and a positive attitude will be waiting for you at every appointment. You will be inspired to push harder at every session. When signing up for personal training at SKB, you’ll get more than a coach; you get an advocate. Someone who believes in you, helps you set your goals, helps you work toward achieving them, and is there to celebrate when you do!


With personal training, you will:


  1. Develop a routine of discipline & health

  2. Earn fresh new perspectives on fitness

  3. Receive solid, consistent support

  4. Acquire  proper kettlebell technique/form

  5. Maximize the productivity of your workouts

  6. See the lasting results you’ve been longing for!


SKB online

SKB offers online personal training designed to help you return to the body you were meant to have in your home or on the road. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain strength, or recover from injury, our programs can help you achieve any objective. By being consistent with your training, you will be able to monitor and track your progress as your body transforms. 

SKB Online Training can help you:

  • Rebuild your foundation of strength

  • Increase health and mobility

  • Reduce your chance of injury

  • Maximize your efforts to build lean muscles that are just as strong as they look




Click here if you want a strong heart, mind, and body!


SKB Online is for individuals working to boost their lifestyles through fitness that meets their schedule. To get more info about how you can get started with your customized online training that you can do any place and at any time, all you need to do is fill out the form below or click the link above, and we will be in touch with how to get you started! 


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Personal Kettlebell Training

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